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By Gamifying Hand Washing, Soapy Might Just Save Civilization

The idea for this article germinated in a restaurant bathroom. Before my meal arrived, I went to the men’s room and saw one of their employees leave a toilet stall and just walk by the sign we all know from public establishments: “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work.”

Well, he didn’t wash his hands, and during my meal I wondered how actively involved he was in the preparation of my food.

As health and hygiene become, at least in some places, more advanced and efforts to increase environmental sustainability rise, I wondered who was doing interesting things in this space.

Paired with a relatively new awareness among Israeli techies and investors that social entrepreneurship is more than just a means for economic progress across emerging markets, some Israeli companies seek to make it core to their technology.

As Neta-Li Meiri, managing director of 8200 Impact explains: “Technology is developing at a rapid rate with unbridled potential for societal change. By focusing on net productivity and advancement, we hold the ability to close the gap between developed and developing nations through technology to bring basic necessities (food, water, and healthcare) in the most efficient way.”


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