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Maverick was inspired by the Hebrew word meaning 'to shine' - similarly, we see our team as the catalyst taking leading technology start-up companies to the next level, inspiring founders' entrepreneurial spirits to shine through. 



  • First and foremost: mensches (good people)
  • Fully committed team with proven technical experience
  • Differentiated and defensible technology
  • Generating initial traction and revenue (a plus)
  • Growth mindset
  • Last but not least: mensches...


  • Capital for continued growth (typically $2-5 million per investment)
  • Operational support from a dedicated team with backgrounds in technology, law, finance and advertising—but most importantly former entrepreneurs who have been there
  • Network of highly successful individual investors spanning many geographies and professions 




Jeeng, formerly Powerinbox, enables businesses to optimize subscriber outreach. Jeeng’s exclusive algorithm studies subscribers and automatically curates, configures, and pushes out the precise content at the most appropriate time to boost response rates.

Allegro.AI is a deep-learning computer-vision platform that provides a complete product lifecycle management solution for AI development and production, starting with computer vision. The company's platform simplifies the process of developing and managing solutions powered by deep learning, such as for autonomous vehicles, robotics, security cameras, and logistics.

Behalf provides credit to Small-Medium Sized Business to facilitate purchases from their suppliers and vendors (purchase order financing). By paying vendors up front, Behalf allows small businesses to grow quicker with less hassle and less risk.

Better Juice is shaking up the juice market with a new disruptive technology that lets industrial juice producers lower or eliminate natural sugar in one simple step. uses existing corporate data to drive business results through its augmented data analytics. Leveraging signal processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the company’s system enables everyone to get answers to a full range of business queries, regardless of their level of data science experience.

cClearly’s automated platform allows marketers to optimize the performance of their paid and organic search campaigns. Using hundreds of external data points, cClearly is able to suggest and automatically change bids, keywords and much more.

Credifi provides a investment-grade data for professionals with a focus on the commercial real estate market in the United States. It offers all necessary information on borrowers, lenders, assets and financing flows to facilitate deal flow and loan origination, along with post-deal asset monitoring and trading.

Diagnostic Robotics is a provider of an artificial layer on top of the healthcare system, providing services to patients, providers and insurers.

InZiv has developed an FPD (Flat Panel Display) Inspection Tool based on highly specialized nano-scale optics and near-field microscopy. InZiv's technology is uniquely suited to address the quality assurance needs for today’s display panels. Earlier detection of defects in pixels generates substantial financial savings for display panel manufacturers by dramatically improving production yield.

Julius is a SaaS platform for influencer marketing campaigns. They provide agencies and brands the data and tools required to search for and execute campaigns with the right brand influencers.

Mindspace provides a community for startups, freelancers and fast growing companies in collaborative and flexible co-working spaces. They have locations across Tel Aviv and Germany and are opening locations worldwide.

ORASIS Pharmaceuticals develops a first-in-class pharmaceutical drug in the form of eye drops that will improve near vision and will eliminate the need for reading glasses for almost 2 billion people around the globe. After administering the drops, near vision significantly improves and people can see near objects for the whole day without using their reading glasses.

ParKam is the developer of a fully automated, holistic solution for finding reliable parking. The company's patented solution uses real-time image processing to find users the best available parking spots in public and private spaces.

PrintCB develops materials for printed electronics. The company has developed copper ink, which can replace the use of silver inks. Either for existing products, such as solar panels and displays, or in emerging ones such as RFIDs and wearables, PrintCB's copper ink helps enable cost-effective volume manufacturing.

Puls is an instant services company that connects consumers with expert technicians for rapid-response repairs and on-the-spot support for the devices at the heart of digital life. Puls’ proprietary software, 24/7 customer service, and strong professional network ensure top quality services from cell phone repair to TV installation and smart home setup, in as little as 60 minutes. Puls is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in San Diego and Tel Aviv.

Raycatch provides a software to solar energy operators and owners which diagnoses their solar energy fields and plants. This allows for significant increase in energy production in existing installations as well as evaluation of secondary transactions in this sector.

SafeBreach provides an offensive security solution for enterprises by simulating virtual hackers attacking a company's infrastructure. These self-learning algorithms work on a continuous basis and are updated regularly with the latest breach intelligence.

Semperis provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to enterprises, to mitigate risks resulting from system failures and cyber security breaches. Semperis serves customers around the world in the financial, healthcare, government and various additional industries.

Sharegain is a fintech company opening up the $2 trillion securities lending market and enabling investors to generate an additional return on securities they already own.

Tevel Aerobotics Technologies combines a patented airborne robotics platform with sophisticated algorithms to create an autonomous concept for orchard management and harvesting. The company develops a fleet of airborne robots for picking, thinning, and pruning tasks in orchards, providing a holistic harvesting solution for farmers.

Twine Solutions is a Double-Impact Industry 4.0 company, offering an award-winning digital thread-dying solution for the textile industry. Twine’s proprietary solution, called DST™ - Digital Selective Treatment, enables the continuous coloring of white threads to any color in an immediate ready-for-use process. Bringing hi-tech to a low-tech industry, this waterless eco-friendly technology can go into millions of colors and shades on-demand, generating color gradients within seconds using propri

Utilis provides a cost-effective solution to detecting fresh water leaks in urban water supply systems. Using multispectral satellite imaging, Utilis’ technology can pinpoint water leaks with a high degree of accuracy regardless of volume or demographic density.

3DFY is a mass creator of 3D models for the augmented retail market by utilizing 2D images and applying machine-learning capabilities.

Reshuffle lets you build workflows and business applications. It goes beyond automation to connect any system (SaaS, homegrown and even on-prem), provide built-in services (from format conversion, through data manipulation to AI) and let your developers build custom algorithms and connectors. Reshuffle is a low code solution that enables non-engineers to express powerful and flexible business logic.

ROX Financial aims to bring accessibility, transparency and liquidity to the single-property commercial real estate market with an innovative NYSE / Nasdaq-listed security called ROX Exchange-Traded Properties (ETPs).

Octopai is a centralized, cross-platform metadata management automation solution that enables data and analytics teams to quickly and precisely discover and govern shared metadata.

Revuze leverges expertise in big data, machine learning, natural language processing and sentiment analysis. Revuze's platform enables to know exactly what your customers mean when they’re talking about your products.

Wi-Charge has developed a solution for wireless charging at a distance. The company's technology can recharge wireless devices automatically from across a room using infrared beams.

Realized Investments

Mintigo's Predictive Marketing PlatformTM provides enterprises with deep insights into their prospective and existing customers, throughout the acquisition and up-sell cycle. The Mintigo platform harnesses these insights to assist in discovery and suggestion of new customers, assess inbound prospective customers and determine the right time to cross-sell or up-sell to existing customers.

Precognize is changing the way industrial companies can communicate with and understand their machinery. Their knowledge based machine learning technology is able to predict failures, often days in advance, using the data these companies are already collecting and storing.

Rumble provides business leaders the data and control they need to run their mobile business. With their advanced data collection technology and predictive algorithms, publishers are armed with deep content and engagement insights into their mobile audience, and a seamless control center to carry out their decisions.

Unbotify uses behavioral biometric technology to identify non-human traffic (bots) on the web, notifying the website owner in real time and preventing the bot from accessing protected data. Unbotify’s solution helps businesses with content protection, screen scraping protection, and preventing ad fraud.


StoreSmarts (formerly Analoc) provides physical retailers with analytics and insights on in-store shopper behavior. StoreSmarts uses dedicated software and proprietary analysis algorithms to assist in data driven decision making through a real-time responsive web dashboard and mobile app.

Webyclip’s strategic placement of smart product videos infuses online shopping with visual, actionable, and entertaining resources right onsite. Use of their software saves e-commerce sites money and increases user engagement and sales.



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