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Introducing App: Detecting Vital Signs Through Video of a Person’s Face, a provider of general health and wellness monitoring tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI), announced today the official launch of its contactless, video-based vital signs monitoring application. leverages AI, signal processing and machine vision capabilities to extract vital signs within seconds via video of a person’s face through the camera on devices including smartphones, tablets or personal computers.

The technology was awarded by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) as a CES Innovation Award 2020 honoree and named at CES Unveiled, the official media event of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), on Jan. 5, 2020.

“The core essence of what we have built is an easy and accessible digital app that offers the opportunity for any smartphone user to test their vital signs in real time,” said David Maman, founder and CEO at “Our goal is to empower patients, insurance providers, telehealth companies, medical personnel and beyond by providing them with this highly efficient health and wellness monitoring app that can be accessed anytime and does not require any additional hardware or wearables. It can ultimately extend coverage of medical services to everyone, everywhere.”

The application can monitor the user’s heart rate within 7 seconds, oxygen saturation within 10 seconds, respiration rate within 30 seconds and heart rate variability (HRV) within 45 seconds. By scanning the area of the user’s upper cheeks, the application can also assess mental stress levels within 90 seconds. With an ambitious roadmap, is working to soon add the ability to monitor hemoglobin levels, blood pressure and many other body measurements.


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