Israel's 'Uber For First Responders' Goes Global


I’ve been a venture capitalist for over a decade and in that time I have been very fortunate to witness and participate in the genius of the Israeli innovation economy. Of all the remarkable startups I’ve seen, one stands out as particularly innovative, valuable, and transformative.

And it’s not even a company in the traditional sense— it’s a rapid medical emergency response non-profit called United Hatzalah (Hatzalah means Rescue in Hebrew). United Hatzalah, with its all-volunteer network of trained emergency first responders, has become a regular feature in Israel. It’s now going global.

Like many great enterprises, United Hatzalah was established by a founder who saw how something could be done better. As a teenager, Eli Beer spent two years volunteering on an ambulance in Jerusalem. At scene after scene, Eli arrived to find the victim had already died. If he could have gotten there faster, the victim would have had a chance at surviving.

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