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Gaming-focused UnCaged Studios raises $24M to build good crypto games

"UnCaged Studios, a web3-focused gaming studio, has raised $24 million in a Series A equity funding round to continue growing the crypto gaming industry.

“We could’ve taken money from crypto funds, but it’s stronger to take it from the game industry and believers,” Raz Friedman, co-founder of UnCaged, said to TechCrunch. “We are a gaming company first that is utilizing and bringing web3 into games, rather than being a web3-first company.

The gaming studio was co-founded by brothers Raz and Tal Friedman. Both of them previously worked at a publicly listed gaming company Playtika, but saw the current play-to-earn ecosystem as unsustainable.

“I’ve been watching the success of Axie Infinity and The Sandbox,” Tal said. “The success is already there, but the games that are made are not in the quality of where they should be…as people who have developed economies for games, we want to create communities and games that can be sustainable for years with the excitement and entertainment at the core of it.”

The capital will be used to continue developing the play-to-earn soccer game MonkeyLeague as well as creating future games and infrastructure for web3 games.."


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