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Wi-Charge: Long Range Wireless Charging Coming to Your Smart Home

How many rechargeable or battery-driven devices float around your home? If you have a secure smart home, it’s likely a two digit number. Consequently, long-range wireless charging could banish a great number of cables, chargers, or batteries from your household.

AT CES 2020, Wi-Charge is presenting the PowerPuck, a long-range wireless charger that plugs into a wall outlet or screws into a lightbulb socket. Using Wi-Charge’s AirCord technology, it can charge compatible smart or IoT devices wirelessly from distances of up to 30 feet (ca. 9 meters). We gave this product a spin on the show floor.

The biggest upside of long-range wireless charging is that it eliminates the need replace batteries or handle various chargers and power cords. Charging would also happen automatically, whenever your device is in range of a suitable charger. And you would only need to install a single wireless charger to feed several devices at once.


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