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MonkeyLeague AMA with Oren Langberg

Altcoin Buzz General Manager Anindya (Ani) Baidya anchored the MonkeyLeague AMA session with Oren Langberg, CEO of MonkeyLeague.

Segment 1: Introduction
Q – Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with Monkey League.

Sure thing. As you mentioned my name is Oren Langberg – head of marketing at MonkeyLeague / UnCaged Studios. I have spent the last 15 years in partnerships and marketing and have been at MonkeyLeague since day 1!

Our studio, UnCaged, came out of stealth in October of 2021 with a team of a handful. Now we are close to 50 people and everything we do is done in-house. From our co-founder, Raz Friedman, we have a seasoned team with nearly 150 years of combined experience designing and developing disruptive games. Raz was one of the pioneers of free-to-play mobile gaming.

When we came out of stealth in 2021 we had a clear vision based on web3 gaming. We knew the massive potential and we also saw a huge gap for HIGH QUALITY web3 gaming that focused more on high production and entertainment value games that were fun first.

Our studio, UnCaged, is building an open ecosystem of mobile game franchises where each franchise will leverage the same pool of NFT game assets. Our first franchise is MonkeyLeague, a fast and addicting strategy-based soccer game built for web2 and web3.

Read the rest of the interview on Altcoin Buzz.


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