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Tevel named winner at World Ag Expo for advancing autonomous harvesting using flying robots

“Right now there’s just not enough pickers to harvest fruit on time and farmers are just bleeding money, losing revenues and profits due to this global labor shortage,” says Danielle Efargan from Tevel, an Israeli developer of autonomous flying fruit-picking robots currently serving the European and US markets.

Tevel recently made headlines after being recognized as one of the winners in the ‘Top-10 New Product‘ competition at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

“We’re there to help prevent fruit waste and to help farmers stay in business. Farming is an incredibly difficult industry and farmers face so much risk and uncertainty, and their profit margins are razor-thin. We are there to help them drive their operations forward and to help them stay in business by making harvesting more efficient and reliable. Our robotic harvesting solution increases their profitability and ultimately helps to feed the world,” Efargan says.


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