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Tevel Partners with Unifrutti, Expands to South America

In a first-ever collaboration, the face of the fruit industry in Chile is being revolutionized as A.I.-driven robots pick apples in Linares. This remarkable endeavor is the result of a partnership between Tevel, an Israeli robotics startup, and Unifrutti, offering a glimpse into the future of the agriculture industry. Tevel’s autonomous harvesting system was deployed in Unifrutti Chile’s apple orchards from March to May, harvesting several varieties of apples and picking the highest-quality fruit with unparalleled efficiency.

German Illanes, General Manager of Unifrutti in Chile, said “We at Unifrutti are thrilled to embrace Tevel’s advanced autonomous harvesting technology. As agritech plays a vital role in the future of Unifrutti and our industry, we see this partnership with Tevel as a significant investment in the future of the fruit industry. Together, we are driving progress and setting new standards for excellence. We are excited to have found in Tevel the right partner to move forward with and make a positive impact in the industry.”

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